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Hypnotist Loves My “Secret Weight Loss Project” & Sends Photos!

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Thank you Lisa for checking out my “Secret Weight Loss Program”! The photos are STUNNING!!!

Here is the email that she sent me. Send me an email at if you want the details about my project. It really is a “no brainer” for hypnotists or anyone else who works with people.

Lisa told me she is sending the following photo out to everyone she knows!

Hypnotist Lisa Before She Lost WeightCal,

I’ve been sending an email like this out to everyone I know.

Here’s a lovely photo of me taken in June.

Whew! I’ll tell ya where the beef is! Can’t even button the bottom button of my shirt.

Hypnotist Lisa After Losing WeghtHere’s one of me tonight (Sept 18) having completed the first part of the program. I took it myself in the kitchen with a timer just a few minutes ago.

Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about! Hot -T !!

Need I say more? Probably not, but it’s me, so I will. My energy levels are better than I ever remember them being. My allergies are gone. I can wear my wedding ring again, since it’s no longer disolving my skin like acid. My “arthritis” finger doesn’t hurt. And so on, etc.





Thank you Lisa, for sharing your success with everyone. You look GREAT, and I’m sure that your clients will want you to do the same for them.

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