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Hypnosis News: Breast Cancer Surgery & Court Testimony

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Hypnosis News

I have just posted two news articles of interest to hypnosis professionals. You can find them in the news area on www.Hypnosis.ORG.

The first hypnosis related article is about Hypnosis Before Breast Cancer Surgery. The hypnosis news report discusses how hypnosis can help women undergoing surgery for breast cancer. Learn about how a brief hypnosis session before entering the operating room required less anesthesia and pain medication during surgery, and reported less pain, nausea, fatigue, and discomfort after surgery than women who did not receive hypnosis. According to the article, the overall cost of surgery was also significantly less for women undergoing hypnosis.

The second article about hypnosis is covers a court finding that Hypnotically Enhanced Testimony Is “Unfair”. In this case a body has never been found, but in an individual was convicted of murder, largely on the strength of testimony given by “hypnosis-aided witnesses”. Now that testimony cannot be used. Read what happens now…

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