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Basic NLP Course for Hypnotists!

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NLP for hypnotists and hypnotherapists - Dr. Wil Horton

Dr. Wil Horton’s Basic NLP Course for hypnotists and hypnotherapists, to be held at the Banyan Hypnosis Center, here in Tustin, California, on June 26th through the 29th.

With these new skills added to your professional toolbox, you become more effective because you become a rapid change agent for your clients.

Everything gets better when you add NLP to your hypnosis toolbox :

  • You get the reputation for getting results faster.
  • You can charge more for your sessions.
  • You get more referrals and so your practice is more profitable.
  • You work smarter rather than harder, you can either work less, or profit more from the hours you dedicate to working with your clients.

NLP for hypnotists and hypnotherapists - Dr. Wil Horton

Don’t train in NLP with just anyone! There are a lot of “NLP Trainers” out there, but very few can compare to Dr. Wil Horton, and here is why.

Dr. Horton is not just any old NLP trainer, he is a licensed Psychologist, and award winning hypnosis professional.  And, that means that he knows exactly what hypnotists and hypnotherapists need to know and will teach this course with that goal in mind. Dr. Horton is the founder of the NFNLP.

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