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Hypnotists Beat Recession by Adding Consumables

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Cal BanyanHas your hypnosis or hypnotherapy practice slowed down lately? Have you seen a slight decrease in the number of students in your hypnosis certification or self-hypnosis classes? If not, this will still be of interest because you boost an already thriving hypnosis practice using these techniques.

I participate in a number of hypnosis related email groups on Yahoo, and I hear that many hypnosis professionals are noticing a slowdown in the number of hypnosis sessions they are conducting and also in the number of attendees in their classes. That is no surprise considering most businesses are experiencing the same kind of leveling off or down trend. Here is how you can do much better in these slower times and even make this your best year ever.

Retail Books, CDs, and DVDs from Your Office and Website

Introduce hypnosis related support materials such as books, CDs and DVDs that are of interest to your clients. Your clients are already interested in hypnosis, and may be surfing the Web looking for good books, and other materials. Make it easy to get them from you. You can either stock some really great books, and other materials, and have them on hand in your office (or on your website).

When you offer hypnosis books, etc. from your site you can set it up by finding a good affiliate program (sites that will pay you a commission for linking to products and courses). This way the materials are sent out from the source rather than you having to handle the stocking, shipping and other hassles. We have an affiliate program for hypnosis professionals, and we participate in an affiliate program offered by another site. Here is a link to the affiliate program we offer through www.Hypnosis.ORG, and a link to a hypnosis affiliate program that we belong to.

Offer Consumables Related to Your Hypnosis Services Such As Weight Loss

Another great way, which we are learning about at our center is to introduce consumables (things that people buy, use up or consume, and then buy more of). I believe that this approach, when done right, will revolutionize our profession. You see, one of the great challenges that even the best hypnotists face, is that once they complete the work with one client, then they have to go out and get another. At our center, we have learned that we need to constantly market our services and classes. We average about 5-6 sessions per client, and that means that every month and half, we have to generate a whole new clientele. When we do well at this we have more clients than we can handle, and when we don’t (i.e., an ad doesn’t get placed or there are website problems) things can get a bit slow.

This is unavoidable, but what if there was a way to introduce consumables to your clients, when it is appropriate to do so? This way even after your clients are finished with your hypnosis program you will have a steady source of income. Right now, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Start retailing through your site and learn how to provide consumable products to your clients and you can enjoy a nice income while you are on vacation or simply away from the office for awhile.

I see the integration of consumables and services all the time. Take for example, how they do this in hospitals. For example, many, if not most hospitals, and other medical facilities have pharmacies and medical equipment rentals available. Providing these medical products and services (consumables) is a convenience for patients, it is also very good for the medical facility because it provides an ongoing income stream to the practice/business. Medications and different medical devices are prescribed by the doctors, and then the patients can purchase them right there in the hospital or medical center. This stream of income is often shared by the partners of the medical facility such as a clinic.

One way to get into this additional income stream, is to contact me about the nutritional cleansing program that you have heard me talk about on the Hypnosis, Etc. program. We are now offering the nutritional cleansing system to clients who want to lose weight, or have more energy. The system has been very well received by our clients so far. We never require the use of the nutritional cleansing system, and present it to them as an option.

To learn more about using the nutritional cleansing system for yourself, or to include it in your office, email me at, If it is a good fit, you will be able to add a new income to your practice. And, since it is a consumable product line, your income can continue to grow as they reorder through your website.

Oh, and if you want to offer hypnosis books, CDs, DVDs and professional training programs through your office or on your website, make sure you check out our affiliate program on www.Hypnosis.ORG.

Now go out there and have the best year ever in your hypnosis practice!

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