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Question from the UK: Why Should I Learn 5-PATH®?

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Cal-Pointing-Finger-UP.jpgToday, I received an email from a hypnotherapist in the UK.He wanted to know more about my hypnotherapy training, specifically 5-PATH®.

He told me that he had already learned a number of techniques and among them were Time Line Regression, Gestalt Chair, and Parts Integration.He wanted to know if he would benefit from learning 5-PATH®, and why that would be different from what he had learned already.

I’ll pass my response along to you.

Hello (Name Withheld),

The problem for many hypnosis professionals is that they seek out training and tend to get a number of unrelated hypnotic techniques to use with their clients. These may be very good techniques, but these hypnotists do not know the very best way to maximize the effectiveness of each technique, much less use them in a systematic way. They tend to under use them, or not use them in the most effective way. This tends to cause frustration, and less than optimal results.

Imagine having a system that maximizes the effectiveness of the most powerful techniques. Imagine how confident you will become when you use these powerful techniques on a regular basis. Think about how being much more effective will affect your clients and ultimately the success of your hypnosis practice. This is what they say 5-PATH® does for our grads.

Too many hypnotists under serve their clients and are as successful as they can be because of a lack of systematic approach that they can confidently use for almost every client that comes into their office. Too many teachers have learned hypnotherapy in this patchwork manner and just pass it along to their students.

Now, everything has changed. Hundreds of hypnosis professionals around the world have upgraded their practice of hypnosis through the use of 5-PATH®. They now can smoothly go from one powerful technique to the next, maximizing the effectiveness of each one. With 5-PATH® your confidence and skills grow more than in any other approach. In fact 5-PATH®, is the only system of hypnotherapy recognized by the NGH, and as a result is a recognized special interest group of that organization.

Another thing that improves when you switch to 5-PATH® is that everything is logical, and criteria based. If you are a logical person you will immediately see the beauty of the systematic approach and the value of the steps in the system. Using this system, you will know exactly when to move on to each step and each phase of the system.

Here is what our grads say,

Excellent as a skill building and personal development course. 5-PATH® brings the professional level of hypnotherapy to new and significantly higher standards. The course materials are complete and well developed. The blend of lecture, experience, practice and videos was effective, appropriate and well balanced. Steve Gruber, BS, MA Quebec, CA

I found the course to be very comprehensive and practical. The combination of education and practice enables graduates to get the skills and confidence they need to go out and start straight away. The 7th-PATH™ program ensures they won’t be taking too much personal baggage into the therapy room! Katherine Perry, BA

Having attended other hypnosis/hypnotherapy training courses, this is by far the very best course I’ve attended. The material is well organized, the instruction is very thorough and the numerous practice sessions allowed me to cement the concepts into my brain. Mike Bowers, N. Canton, OH

For more rave reviews go to

Even with all of this structure, it is extremely flexible. It is based on principles and strategies, and is not just a series of scripts to follow. And, underneath it all is the experience of not just myself, but of literally many tens of thousands of hours of use by hypnotherapists all around the world. The system works everywhere and with everyone, from the USA, to Asia and everywhere in between or north and south.

Here are some other benefits of becoming a Banyan Grad:

  • Immediate membership in our private Yahoo Groups for 5-PATHers.
  • Listing in our international directory of graduates.
  • Ability to advertise on our websites.
  • Ability to go on to more advanced training through our externship program via CDs.
  • More

If you have any further questions visit If not, then call or click and register for the class that is most convenient for you. See you in class.

Cal Banyan

NOTE:We have our Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis Certification course coming up starting on November 4th.Have a look.

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