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Don’t Be a Hypno-wimp!

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no-hypno-wimps.gifIt is time for the profession to move forward, but some in the profession are still holding back. They are “wimping out.” Why? Because they are hypno-wimps. I know that I will be attacked for writing this. I am ready for the phone to ring, and the emails to fill in my inbox. So go ahead, if you don’t agree with me, complain. I’m ready for you.

You might be asking yourself, what the heck is Cal talking about. What are “hypno-wimps” and where do they come from? In this article, I will explain it all and go on to explain how hypno-wimps everywhere can break free and leave their wimpy approach to hypnosis, perhaps to rise to the level of being average, or perhaps to move to an altogether higher level in the profession, to be the best of the best, the hypno-1%’ers™.

Where do hypno-wimps come from? Well, it could be because these wimpy hypnotists didn’t have access to modern hypnosis training. They may just be happy with the results that they have been getting. Not that there is anything wrong with being a hobby hypnotist, most hypno-wimps are in this category, few are full time hypnosis professionals. But, unfortunately, some of these hypno-wimps have made it to professional status, and, frankly, I believe that when this happens, it hurts the profession as a whole.

So, what exactly is a hypno-wimp? Since I coined the term hypno-wimp, then it is up to me to define it. (Your definition may vary. And, I reserve the right to refine this definition over time, as needed to clarify what I mean.) Basically hypno-wimps use the least powerful hypnotic techniques, either out of lack of training (in the use of more powerful techniques), or because they are just too afraid to move on to the use of the more powerful techniques (which move them out of the category, whereby they could become average, or if they decided to use the most powerful techniques, they could become hypno-1%’ers™). How to tell if you are a hypno-wimp:

  1. You do not test for depth of hypnosis during your sessions. You figure that you said the hypnotic induction to the client and if the client doesn’t go into hypnosis, then it is the client’s fault.
  2. You do not use convincers. Hypnotic convincers are tests to show the client that he or she is hypnotized. Since you are a hypno-wimp, you don’t know whether or not your clients are hypnotized, so obviously you don’t care to demonstrate it to your clients. Convincers don’t work if your clients are not hypnotized, so just to be on the safe side, overall it is probably best to not test or do convincers, right?.
  3. Being a hypno-wimp means that you often use other terms to hide the fact that you do hypnosis. Rather than saying I am a hypnotist and I propose that we do some hypnosis, you say something like, “let’s do some relaxation work” or “let’s do some visualization work, “ or “let’s do some guided imagery.” (Note that some really good hypnotists who are definitely NOT hypno-wimps need to disguise what they are doing because of an environment where hypnosis is banned. Good for you. You are brave and you are NOT a hypno-wimp.)

The solution:

  1. If you never heard about depth testing and convincers, you should get more training.
  2. If you have never heard of (or have been warned away from) even more powerful techniques such as Age Regression Work, Parts Work, and so on, you should get more training.
  3. If you have learned these techniques and you are afraid to use them, perhaps your training was insufficient.
  4. If you have had sufficient training in these more powerful techniques but are still afraid to use them, then either you need to work on yourself, or perhaps this profession is not for you.

In any case, you don’t need to be a hypno-wimp any more. Ask around, learn about who has a good reputation for teaching these advanced techniques. Really do some investigating. There are some teachers out there who can help you. Be wary of those who say, “Ah, you don’t need to know that stuff, take my class and you will be fine” when you ask them about teaching you powerful modern techniques. Demand the best, and grow in this profession.

Imagine what it will be like as your skills and abilities develop to the point where you can experience a success rate that approaches 100%, and you rise to the top of the profession. Isn’t that what you really wanted when you entered the profession? Seek out the best courses and you can have just that.

I recommend that you look into my Week of Power training program if you are already certified in the profession. There are several qualified teachers as well as myself who conduct the course at various times. We can definitely take the hypno-wimp and amp up your skills and confidence in our course. If you have not had any real training in the profession yet, you are just deciding to enter the profession then I want to recommend our NGH Certification Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® then you can start off with the advanced training “under your belt” and you will be well on your way to being a hypno-1%’er™. (No class can make you a hypno-1%’er™, that comes from mastering the advanced techniques that you learn in class.)

Visit our website at or call our office at (714) 258-8380 to learn more about our programs. What! You don’t live in the Southern California area? And, you can’t get away to attend our courses? That is fine with us. Most of the classes we conduct are available in a hands-on, live version over the Internet, or we have Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructors around the USA, as well as in Asia and Australia. Give us a call and we can help you connect with the instructor and class that will work for you.

As the profession continues to mature, hypno-wimps will hopefully become dinosaurs, and become extinct. If your training put you in this soon-to-be-extinct category, don’t be left behind. Call us now or use the Contact Us form to request information today.


  • All of our live courses come with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our Week of Power is available in a condensed, distance learning course format on DVDs.
  • Call now because we offer early enrollment discounts and class size is limited. So we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get enrolled in a class unless you do so early.

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