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Do You Have a Website? Make It More Credible to Visitors with Quality Hypnosis Website Award

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The Banyan Hypnosis Center website www.Hypnosis.ORG is launching a new program, the Excellent Hypnosis Website Award™ program.  This program allows hypnosis professionals with websites to get a third party endorsement.

This is not a competition; any hypnosis related website can receive the award if it meets the standards.

Having a third party deem your website as being one that is of high quality is a powerful way to project a credible image in the profession.  This is especially important for websites which has as its purpose promoting a hypnotist, classes, products and services.

This program will enable you to put a graphic like this one on your site.  The graphic will then be linked to a page that explains to your site visitors how you have been recognized to have a website that upholds the highest standards. Click on the graphic to see the that page now.
Websites will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The website must have a professional appearance.
  • The website must be truthful.
  • The website must reflect positively upon the profession.
  • The website must contain truthful credentials (i.e., valid degrees, etc.)

Websites that are deemed to fulfill these standards will be sent a award graphic for the proper category.  This graphic will be linked to a page on Hypnosis.ORG that explains how you received the award, and that the sight was deemed to meet the criteria listed above.

Website owners need not apply if the content of the site is misleading in any way.  Here are some examples:

  • Stating that you are the Director, President, Founder of an organization, center or office, when you are the only one working there and do not have any employees or members, etc.
  • You state that you have certain academic credentials which are not fully acredited, examples are unaccredited Phd’s and the DCH credential.
  • State that you have a number of offices, but they are not staffed and only serve as fronts to make you look larger than you are.

This is a free service.  Awards will be renewed annually.  Terms and conditions may change as this program develops and continues in the future.

The mission of this program is to provide a reliability program to hypnotists who are producing professional quality websites, which are ethical and honest in what and who they promote.

For more information or to apply, Click Here

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