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I Weigh In a Day Early, Report a Weight Loss of 35.4 Pounds, and Go to the NGH Convention!

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Hypnotist Weight Loss ProgramWow, 35 pounds! I feel GREAT and I am more excited than ever to go to the NGH Convention this year.

I usually weigh in on the 4th of each month because I started this weight loss program this year on World Hypnotism Day. By the way, World Hypnotism Day is on January 4th each year. I expect that by World Hypnotism Day 2008 I will be at my perfect weight. How cool is that?! 🙂

You might have noticed that I am posting this a day early. That is because I won’t have time to weigh in and post an entry to this the blog tomorrow morning, because I will be spending the day traveling to the NGH convention.

I’m just so excited about this commitment that I have made, to become a model of how making hypnosis part of an intelligent weight loss plan is the key to weight loss success. My successful weight loss has resulted in me feeling better than I have in years. I feel 15 years younger and have lots and lots more energy. And, I have learned a lot about weight loss hypnosis along the way. I’ll be sharing that in my workshop at the convention. I hope everyone that goes to the convention will consider attending that two hour seminar. It is called, Advanced Hypnosis for Weight Loss—Go Beyond the Script For Maximum Results. To get the schedule for the entire convention go to

Oh, I am going to look so GQ in my tux! See you there. Maybe we will post some photos here when we get back. Hmmm. That is good idea. I’ll see what I can do.

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