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What Is A Hypnosis Center?

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It is time to tell it like it is. What comes to mind when you hear of a "medical center" or a "counseling center" or a "hypnosis center"? I don't know about you, but I would expect that the term "center" indicates that there is more going on than one person and a desk, and some certificates on the wall. Don't you?

Hypnosis Center

What if you decided to make an appointment at a medical center or a counseling center, and when you got there it was a small room, or two rooms, or even three rooms, and they were all empty, save for one person, the doctor, or counselor. Then upon further research you find that only one person works there, and that person designates him/herself as the "founder" or "director" of the "center"? Wouldn't you feel a bit deceived? I would. Would your confidence be high regarding this individual, or would you feel mislead? I would.

In my opinion, hypnotists have got to get over the idea that they have to name their offices a "center" (or they have a school, feel the desire to call it an institute). If you have an office, then you are not the "director," you have a practice. Be glad that you have an office, and there is nothing wrong with that. Have pride in what you have put together, and the operation that you run.

I recommend that from now on when someone says that they are the director, founder, CEO or president of such and such "center" or "organization" why don't you ask them some questions? I do!

Ask things like:

  • How many full time or part time hypnotists or hypnotherapists are there at your center?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Just how many people belong to your organization that you "direct," and so on.

If the individual has not been misleading, he or she will be happy to answer these questions, and will probably be proud to do it.

In my opinion, there is too much of this going on in our profession, and it hurts everyone, including those who assign themselves prestigious titles, or claim to have centers, or even multiple centers (or institutes), when really it is only a one or two person office. Most of all it hurts the profession and everyone who is being truthful.

Come on; let's be proud of what we have accomplished. There is no need for embellishment. If you have an office, call it an office. If your name is Mary Doe, then call your office the "Mary Doe Hypnosis Office." Don't think that you should call it the "International Research Center for Hypnosis," or some such thing. Believe me; it will work better for everyone, if you just say it like it is.

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