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Happy 4th of July – Independence Day – I Weigh In and Report a Weight Loss of 32.6 Pounds!

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Happy 4th of July (Independence Day for us Americans). I’m looking forward to celebrating this special day with friends and continuing to eat like a caveman!

Well, as you know the 4th of each month is weigh-in day for me. So I am very glad to report that I am back on track and have lost 32.6 pounds so far.

I might have lost more if I hadn’t taken some time off from the program while I was in London earlier this year, and if I hadn’t broken my arm a couple of months ago, which really reduced my exercise program. But then, that is what real life is like, we make plans and unexpected things come up, or there are unintended consequences.

Thankfully by following all the steps in my weight loss plan I was able to recover from these challenges and keep losing weight!

Next weigh-in will be August 4th, and I’d like to have lost at least 4 pounds by then. Keep checking back. I think that the most important thing is not how much weight one can lose in the shortest amount of time, but rather how one is able to learn from the experience and develop a new healthy lifestyle that will work in the long run.

Thanks for following this trek so far. I hope you are enjoying my reports, as well as my new podcasts. There are lots more to come!

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Check back next month and help me celebrate my ongoing weight loss success.

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