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Hypnotists Network Like Never Before On!

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At the Banyan Hypnosis Center, our tech staff has been working long and hard on our “super secret” project, and now the secret is out!

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Why the new project?  Well, from my point of view, far too many hypnotists and hypnotherapists work in situations where you can have very little contact with other hypnosis professionals.  I’m fortunate, I work at a hypnosis center, and I have people I can talk about hypnosis, share ideas, get advice and so much more.  I thought it would be wonderful if we could create a real community of hypnotists and hypnotherapists on the web that is like none other.

Yes there are sites like Google and Yahoo groups, as well as the forums, and so on but somehow it all seems so impersonal, up to now that is. 

I’m sure that most of you have heard of  It is a world-wide community where people go to meet other people and so on.  It has been an incredible success.  But have you ever been there?  It is really too big and it has everything and everyone on it.  I figure hypnotists would really benefit from a real social networking and professional networking site of our own. 

So now we have and it is just for hypnotists and hypnotherapists.  Yep, hypnotists are people too.  We have families, pets, offices, participate in sports, have hobbies, and just like everyone else, we like to meet people in the profession that have other interests similar to our own. It will simply be the best place to meet, socialize and exchange ideas of interest to hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

Here is what the network has ready for you – And it is all free!

  • Customizable website.
  • Easy templates to use right away.
  • Your Own Blog Ready to Go 
  • Photo Album Area
  • Video Area and Player
  • Calendar Area
  • Profile Area
  • Friends Area
  • Groups Area
  • Messages Area
  • And more coming soon – All free and only for hypnotists!

So here is a personal invitation from me to you, stop by my new page at and see my new website.  Then check out some of the other hypnotists and what they are doing with their sites on the networks main page at  

I think you will like our new community.  And, after you register and get your own website, remember to add me as one of your friends and leave a message letting me know what you think about this new network!

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