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NGH Teleseminar & California Hypnosis Network – What Fun!

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Last night was wonderful. It started off with me giving a NGH sponsored teleconference on the topic of building your hypnotherapy practice by using 5-PATH®. Elsom Eldridge, Jr. hosts these teleseminars and does a great job of it. As soon as I find out how the recording of the event went and when and how you can download it I’ll post that information there.

Oh, and I want to thank Celeste, Marc and Niki who are 5-PATHers who called in to share on the teleseminar how 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® has helped them personally and professionally! Thank you for taking the time to call in and talk with everyone.

From there, the night just continued to get better, filled with enthusiastic hypnotherapists, and the opportunity to make new friends. Why? Because we hosted a get together with the California Hypnosis Network members from LA and San Diego!

It all started off with a tour of our facility. Then I gave them a presentation on advanced age regression, followed by viewing a recent age regression that I conducted. It was a particularly interesting session in which I was able to demonstrate the use of an instant induction, rapid deepening, the affect bridge technique, the informed child technique, the informed adult technique, and the informing soul technique all in one session. I also was able to demonstrate how I would handle a spontaneous past life regression when it occurs. My approach, it seems is quite different than most.

We also had some great freebies to give out, including some Hypnosis CDs and an example of a permissive version of the Elman-Banyan Induction. We took a break for some socializing. There was coffee and tea, as well as cookies and brownies to munch on. After that we got back together to discuss the video and talk about 5-PATH®.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with each and everyone who came to our Center. We really enjoyed making these new contacts and sharing what we know with everyone who came.

We will definitely have to do this again sometime soon.

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