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Watch Cal Banyan Do Some VERY Fast Hypnotic Inductions!

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Hello Hypnotists and those who are thinking about becoming hypnotists.  I am often asked if you can really induce hypnosis in seconds.  “Why yes you can” I tell them. 

But then, a demonstration is always more convincing and instructive, don’t you think?  So I though I would post a little video made up of some inductions from my training video on instant and rapid induction. 

Yes they are all real.  Of course each person volunteered and wanted to be hypnotized.  Anyone of normal intelligence, who wants to be hypnotized, and has no reservations about becoming hypnotized can instantly go into the state.

Watch for the following inductions:

  1. The Eight Word Induction

  2. Post-Hypnotic Instant Induction

  3. Eye-Lock Instant Induction

  4. Banyan Blast Off Instant Induction 

  5. More…

Please leave your comments.  And, if you want to talk more about these very speedy inductions, please check out our free to join Speedy Inductions Group on  Go to

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