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Cal’s Progress Report and Weigh-In – Now 28 Pounds Slimmer :-)

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Self-Hypnosis, exercise, drinking water, eating right, and all the rest are paying off.  Now I am down 28 pounds, and I am also really learning alot about how I will need to behave for the rest of my life to maintain my ideal body weight.

scale-230-1inch-opt.jpgHere is my latest report on my 9-Step weight loss program.  I am continuing to move closer and closer to my new slimmer, healthier body.  I think things went well this month, considering my mother came to visit for a few days and I had a few “goodies.”  😉 

I’ll be writing more about this as we go along.  Next, I will be writing up a summary of the special kind of self-hypnosis that I am using called 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, my mind-body-spirit approach to hypnosis.

Keep checking back, AND come to the National Guild of Hypnotists convention this August, 2007 and see the final results.  Stop by my booth and say “hello” or if you are interested in learning how to use the program yourself, or for working with weight loss clients I want to encourage you to attend the workshop that I will be giving on the subject at the convention.

If you are not currently at your ideal body weight, join me in making the commitment to go to this year’s NGH convention as a new healthier, slimmer you!  See you there.

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