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Great Training Op for Hypnotists – If You Qualify

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Seriously, Dr. Richard Harte’s program is not for everyone. But, if you qualify, it could be the most important training you have ever had. Dr. Harte specializes in bringing hypnosis skills to corporations, and he is going to teach a select few how to do it. Who will these select few be? To qualify for this training you must be a dedicated hypnotist or hypnotherapist who has hypnosis skills. This is not an entry level program and there will be no time used to teach you how to hypnotize. You must also be a self-starter who is comfortable working in a business environment.

Why is he being so stringent? After completing the course, Dr. Harte is going to personally mentor you for one year to make sure that you are “really getting” what he taught you in class so that you can be successful.


Who is Dr. Harte to be so picky? Well, he is a very successful corporate consultant himself who has worked with corporations for years and turned hypnosis into a product that his corporate clients value so much that they pay him thousands of dollars in retainer fees! Yes, I said retainer fees (talk about developing a significant and consistent cash flow, this would definitely be a way to do just that).

Here is some feedback from one of his program graduates…

“To say I felt lost would be an understatement. After taking an early retirement from a successful business career, I found myself bored and eager to re-enter the employment ranks. To my surprise, no one was willing to take a chance on an ‘older’ worker. Try as I might years of job searching went nowhere. Bad went to worse as I became depressed about my prospects; began to doubt my skills and self-worth; and convinced myself that I’d never be able to play a meaningful role in an active business enterprise again. That’s when I discovered Dr. Richard Harte’s corporate consultant/training program. I came to the first day of class with hope; but also with some degree of (self defensive) cynicism, and only modest expectations. To my great joy and surprise, those few days of intensive class-work and Dr. Harte’s ongoing personal mentorship, restored my confidence and turned my life around. I not only learned new high-level training and consulting skills but, of equal importance, I mastered techniques of persistence, imagination and goal-setting which I now teach to others. Today, I successfully consult to a number of companies in different industries, earn a significant income and have never felt more fulfilled, personally and professionally. I have Dick Harte and his program to thank for that.” Paul Finfer – Hallandale, Florida

To learn more about Dr. Harte and his upcoming course at the Banyan Hypnosis Center in Tustin, California, go to, Harte’s Corporate Consultants Training. To help you get to know Dr. Harte better, I have a couple of seminars in our Meet the Pros Seminar section on the website.

Here are the direct links:

By the way, I am currently talking with Dr. Harte to come up with a time (hopefully this week) when he can do another Meet the Pros Seminar so that everyone can learn more about how to take your hypnosis and skills to corporations. I think this is going to be his best yet. It is going to be on how to make more money with your hypnosis skills and have a more interesting practice. I’ll announce that date and the title of the seminar as soon as I have them for you. Everyone interested in taking this course will be interviewed by Dr. Richard Harte personally.

To take advantage of this limited opportunity (Dr. Harte can only mentor a limited number of graduates each year), you will need to contact our office soon. This course is scheduled for this May, 10 – 13, 2007.

If you want more information about the course, you may also call Dr. Harte directly at 1-800-490-0721. If you call him directly, make sure that you tell him that you heard about the course from Cal Banyan and he will give you a personal interview right away.

One last thing, let us know if you want to take this course live online and we may be able to arrange that.

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