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Did You Receive the Free Lesson #2 from “The Secret” Teachers?

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Lesson 2

I just got the Second Lesson from “The Secret” teachers and now it is time to go deeper into the Law of Attraction (LOA).

Being a hypnotherapist by profession, I truly appreciate they way that this lesson begins to talk about how the unconscious plays a very large part in your life and what you attract into it. It is time to more conscious about what we are thinking or, we will just let old patterns run our lives and we will keep getting more of what we have been getting, rather than make really great positive changes in our lives.

Also, as a long time student of emotions I also deeply appreciate that this lesson integrates that it is not just what you think that empowers the LOA, it is also, and very much so, what you are feeling! (See my book, The Secret Language of Feelings.)

Here is a little peek into this lesson (not too much, that would not be fair) 🙂

Thought + Emotion = Attraction

That is a great piece of wisdom! Another way to say it is, the sum of your thoughts, plus the emotions that they are generating create your world.

Then the lesson goes on to tell you how to make this equation work for you to manifest the life you want, the one you really want, the one that can really excite you. (Gosh, that was fun to write.) 🙂

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you visit and start getting these free lessons and join in on the conversation. If you are receiving the free lessons, let’s talk about them here (or go to and discuss it there). Learn how to “Get out of the Reality Trap.”

Coming Soon – Lesson Three, among other things will expand on this and even talk about group manifestation; how to activate the LOA in your life, and goal setting that works with the LOA to get what you really want.

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