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Online Hypnosis Courses Now Better than Ever – Save Time and Money Taking Our Course Live and Online

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learn hypnosis onlineAfter being the first to ever offer a hands on hypnosis certification course over the Internet we have taken new steps to make the whole program work even more seemlessly. As of today we will be broadcasting our live courses over the Internet using a T1 connection and a DSL connection, using a automatic fail-over switch. What this means is that if the T1 connection is lost that the DSL line will automatically connect within seconds! That means you are assured that when you take our courses online that you will be able to get in on all the action, just like you had a front row seat.

To learn more about our online, hands-on, live hypnosis certification course just click the link. Learn about how you can take our NGH Approved Hypnotherapy Certificaiton Course with 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® without all of the travel, food and lodging expenses that are usually incurred when you travel to take a course. For most of you that means saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars when you take our course online rather than traveling to be in another certification course.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, the best training, and the ability to save lots of money while you study in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This will often make the difference for many people who could not otherwise get the training at all, for example professionals who must remain on call, individuals how have home or work responsibilities and cannot leave for extended periods of time, and of course those who would have not previously been able to afford this professional career training.

Call our office directly if you have any additional questions, 714-258-8380 and 800-965-3390.

Note: Our Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis Training is also available live and over the Internet when it is conducted at our school. Visit for all of our hypnosis training information.

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