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Hypnosis Motivates You To Exercise So “Just Do It” Safely and Responsibly!

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Hypnosis and exercise make a great combination! Hypnosis can really work to get you motivated to get out there and “just do it”, as Nike says.

safety.jpgWith that in mind, I just wanted to post a quick note here on the blog to remind you all to exercise safely! If you are walking, running, riding a bike, a Trikke, or wearing inline skates and so on, always wear a helmet and use caution.

What brings this on you might ask? Well yesterday I had a little fall in my own driveway and bumped my arm. Ouch! So I thought I would post some tips on riding safely. And, believe me I will be taking my own advice as I continue to exercise as part of my 9-Step Weight Loss Plan.

Here are some things I’ll keep in mind while I’m outdoors riding around:

  1. Always wear a helmet.
  2. Consider taking a cell phone.
  3. Be able to explain where you are if you have to call for help.
  4. Let people know your route.
  5. Be familiar with how to safely use your bike, trikke, etc.
  6. Know safest ways to fall off your bike, trikke etc. 🙂 Really!
  7. Ride familiar areas when alone.
  8. Know where the nearest hospital is located.
  9. Don’t exercise beyond your capabilities.
  10. Dress appropriately for what you are doing.

Now get out there and get in shape get some fresh air while you are at it (unless it’s just too darn cold)!

Keep checking back as I continue to comment on the rest of the steps of my plan, and keep leaving your comments.

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