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Opinion: Psychologists, Counselors and Nurses Should Learn Hypnosis

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Hello Everyone, I’m sending this entry from Singapore. I just got off the radio where I has doing an interview with Yasmine Yahya! It was wonderful telling the good folks on the radio here in Singapore about hypnosis and my upcoming hypnosis certification course here at the Bayview Hotel starting next week.

By the way, I just completed teaching a course to some hypnotherapists on how to teach the 7th Path Ultimate Recognitions. It was wonderful and we had hypnotherapists from as far away as Australia! I just love this profession. It is so important to get the word out about what we are doing. And, that brings me back to the topic for this post…

Learn hypnosis! If you ask me, it is time for helping professionals all around the world to start learning hypnosis. Why, because it is the right thing to do. There is simply no reason for most people to go through years of sessions with a counselor or psychologist to get over fears, build self-esteem, improve their relationships and get over their bad habits.

Certainly, those individual’s with serious mental health illness need long term care, but most normal everyday people, with normal everyday problems can benefit from much shorter treatment programs. And, shorter treatment programs both save money, and free up service providers to work with those who need long term care. This should be especially of interest to state agencies who have to do so much with their limited budgets.

Nurses can also be much more helpful to their patients if they learn hypnosis! For example, with just a few days training nurses and other medical professionals can begin to help patients with pain management with hypnosis. And, they can make patients more comfortable, while making their medications more effective by applying some simple speech patters that are well known to hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

I expect that as the news gets out, that for most situations, the application of advanced hypnotherpeutic techniques can make standard treatment programs shorter, insurance companies will begin to demand that service providers move forward and begin to seek hypnosis training, and provide this faster approach for their clients and patients.

PS – Remember to read about the National Guild of Hypnotists’ Solid Gold Weekend in February. It is going to be fantastic! 🙂

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