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I just received an email from someone who is familiar with my instant and rapid inductions video, and located a clip from it on and he told me that most of the comments about it was that it was faked! I should not have been so surprised. I remember when I first saw them done. I was suspicious as well.

I thought I better write up a reply to those comments, and then I found that I was limited to 500 characters! Yikes, I knew that I needed more room than that. So I decided that I would post some little thing there and direct them to come here and see my full response. So, I am posting it below. I hope the skeptical YouTubers will stop by. Oh and here is a link to the video in case you don’t know what I am writing about.

Hi YouTubers!

Jason, who posted here and also knows my work, just emailed me about all the attention the video clip was receiving. Thanks!

The first time I saw an instant induction I thought it was fake too. Then when I saw someone who was much more experienced than me, at the time do one, and I thought, “Well, okay now I believe it is real, but then this guy is so experienced, I could probably never do that.” I put instant inductions on the back shelf “for now.”

Then as time went by, I got bored with rapid inductions that took 2 to 3 minutes to do and I again thought about using instant inductions. But since I was seeing real clients, I did not want to take a chance on doing an induction incorrectly. Then I got the idea of giving them a post-hypnotic suggestion. I told them that in the next session all I would have to do is drop their hand and say the word “sleep”, and they would go right back into deep hypnosis. That is how I first started using instant inductions, like I show in the video, but on clients who where “programmed” to go into hypnosis. And, I managed to get the practice I needed so that the timing was just right. Gradually I developed the confidence to start using them on my first sessions.

I became an instructor and I wanted to teach instant inductions, but the way I learned how to do them was too long. The old form of instant wasn’t too long in terms of actually doing them in sessions (which only took about 45 seconds). The problem was that if I was going to teach my students in classes how to do them, then the induction would have to be memorized, and the students did not have time to memorize the script while in class.

So, I took that lengthy script and shortened it to the most important 8 words. I managed to shorten it to 4 to 6 seconds! Now I use the Eight Word Induction with about 90% of my clients on the first and all succeeding sessions.

I know that sounds fantastic. But you have to be aware of the whole picture to understand what is really going on. Remember that each person that I am hypnotizing has volunteered to be hypnotized, they want to be hypnotized, trust me, and they have all received what is called a Pre-Talk. A Pre-Talk is where we inform them about hypnosis to remove any fears that they may have.

Anyone of normal intelligence, who is mentally healthy (i.e., not schizophrenic) who wants to be hypnotized can go into a deep state of hypnosis instantly if they want to, and when working with a skilled hypnotist.

I hope that helps you all to understand what is going on. If you want to know more, check out my Free Articles section of

Cal Banyan
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