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“Meet the Pros” with Tom Nicoli – Super Success for the Practicing Hypnotist

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tom nicoli.jpgI had a great time conducting Tom Nicoli’s interview/seminar on Super Success for the Practicing Hypnotist this morning. Thank you Tom for sharing so much!

And, to everyone else I want to let you know that Tom went way beyond what he promised and talked a great deal about how to promote a hypnotherapist’s practice. It was one gem after another. Here are a few comments from the live participants that we have received already!

This totally ROCKED. Thanks again, Tom, Cal!

Thanks again, Tom. I enjoyed the teleseminar!

Great info. Thank you Tom and Cal.

Cal these web casts are a great idea!

You have a great speakers and this is interactive. This is a great opportunity to hear top successful hypnotists who are willing to share what they know.

Thanks for the webinar, Tom and Cal. I learned a lot and it was very enjoyable.

Great program, Tom and Cal! I always learn wonderful tips and tricks to use right away. Thanks

I hope you will take the time to go to and click on the Meet the Pros Audio Seminars. In addition to this seminar you will also find another one by Tom Nicoli and several others by other leaders in the field of hypnotism. (Check now, and if the seminar has not been posted yet check back in a bit, we are working on getting it published to the site as I type this.)

After you hear this you will want to learn more from Tom, so here is a link to a workshop that he has coming up on Oct. 28 and 29 that he is doing with Wil Horton in Florida.

Tom Nicoli’s Super Success for the Practicing Hypnotist with Wil Horton

And, also we are working with Tom and Wil to see if we can get them out to the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training Services, Inc. here in Tustin, California next year. We will let you know about that as soon as we have the dates set.

While you are on click on the Contact Us link and let us know what you think of these free programs and who you would like to hear from next.

Here’s to your success!

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