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Hypnotist says spouses can stop hearing snores

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snorerArticle.jpgShoot, we know this. That is why we produced our Free to Sleep with a Snorer a few years back.

Anyway, I recommend that you take a look at this article where Deryl Harrison, a certified hypnotherapist, talks about snoring and spouses.

He’s right; no one needs to stay awake at night any longer simply because the person sleeping next to them snores. In fact with the proper application of hypnosis, you can sleep better when your mate is snoring. How does it work? Properly phrased hypnotic suggestions will tell the subconscious mind that the snoring indicates safety, and instills a sense of sleepiness. In most cases that is all that is needed. This kind of work is often successful simply by utilizing a hypnosis session contained on a CD.

In rare cases an individual may have had some disturbing experience in the past in which more than simply listening to a CD may be required. In that case getting and using a properly prepared hypnosis CD is still the first step, and then if it does not give you all the results one wants one-to-one sessions with a 5-PATH® hypnotherapist is recommended. The CD will then be used to reinforce the suggestions made in the private sessions.

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