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The Complete 2006 NGH Convention Available on a 7 CD Set – Simply Amazing

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I am just so excited to make this announcement. We have made the deal with the National Guild of Hypnotists to provide you with this very new and exciting professional development tool!

For the first time ever, you can now get the entire NGH Convention on CDs. Each workshop has been professionally edited and then “shrunk down” to mp3 so that all those great talks, workshops and events fit on just 7 CDs.

So if you missed the world’s friendliest hypnosis convention, this is your chance to get it all! Or, even if you went to the convention, there was simply no way that you could go to each and every workshop because so many speakers were all presenting at once. Now is your chance to get everything.

There were hundreds of presentations given but here is a sampling of the things you will learn by getting this set of CDs.

  • How to Market and Build Your Hypnosis Practice
  • How to Prepare Clients for Maximum Results
  • How to Expertly Conduct a Wide Variety of Hypnotic Inductions
  • How to Conduct Direct Suggestion Sessions
  • How to Do Age Regression Sessions
  • How to Do Parts Therapy
  • How to Use Specialized Scripts or Write Your Own
  • And, Just About Everything Else You Need to Know About Hypnosis!

Here are just a few of the speakers contained on this set:

  • Dr. Dwight Damon (NGH Pres.)
  • Elsom Eldridge, Jr.
  • Cal Banyan
  • Don Mottin
  • Wil Horton
  • Marilyn Gordon
  • Tom Nicoli
  • Shaun Brookhouse
  • And, so many more!

This is without a doubt the best value today in the world of hypnotism. No where is there a wider knowledge-base for current hypnosis information than you will get when you purchase and use this set of CDs.

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