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Banyan Hypnosis Daycare Center

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thumbnailI wanted all of you to be the first to know about this. Maureen and I have been talking about it for a long time and we have decided to add another service to our list of things that we do. We have decided to open the Banyan Hypnosis Daycare Center!

It has been a lot of work getting all of the paperwork in order, and I even think that we have found the right location. 🙂

Here is the plan. We are going to have a center where our employees care for children during the day, just like any other daycare center does, and then we add that special little twist, instead of nap time, we hypnotize the children! I just know that this is going to be great, and what parents wouldn’t want that for their kids?

During the “Hypno-Nap™” time we give the children suggestions for self-confidence, self-esteem, ability to focus and learn, and well just about everything that a parent would want for their children.

I think that in short order, the parents would really start to see an improvement in their children, and then maybe even want to have hypnosis sessions for themselves! I can see this kind of approach easily spreading across the USA and around the world. Once we have shown the effectiveness in preschool/daycare facilities, then elementary and higher grade schools would have to see the benefits of using hypnosis. Imagine what that would do to drop-out rates, drug use, teen pregnancy, and so many other problems that plague our society!

From there I figure it is a very short leap to the colleges, and even certain employers might be willing to offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a part of their EAP plans. It will be so much easier to approach corporations about hypnosis then.

Then of course you could expect to see hypnosis commonly used in our hospitals and even in elderly care facilities! “Hypnosis, cradle to grave,” so to speak. Now that is what I am talking about! This is sounding better and better as I lay this out. Have I got anyone interested in this yet?

And, to think that it will all start with the Banyan Hypnosis Daycare Center.

Hmmm, wait a minute. I just thought about something. There just might be one problem. I might have to work with all of those Curtain-Climbing-Crumb-Snatching-Lawn-Monsters what I like to call kids! Nah, on second thought, it’s just not worth it. What do you think? 😀

4 Reader Comments to Banyan Hypnosis Daycare Center

  1. David Jenkins July 25, 2006 at 6:29 PM

    Hi Cal,

    What a wonderful idea.This could certainly make a huge difference in a childs life.And I believe the parents would also gain so much, not only by the increased success of their children, but through the knowledge of what hypnosis can do for them as well.Keep me posted Cal, as I would love to implement this in Australia.
    Kind Regards,

  2. ~Cindy Tay~ July 25, 2006 at 8:20 PM

    Hi Cal & Maureen,

    I feel so excited when i get to know about your new plan. Huray…. Especially dealing with those little monsters ha… I would be glad to enrol my child in to a daycare centre whereby they can provide Hypnosis service.
    Please keep me update Cal & Maureen.

    With Love & Light,
    ~ Cindy ~

  3. Moses Koh July 27, 2006 at 8:30 AM

    Hi Cal & Maureen,

    How have you been?
    The idea WILL fly! I’m saying this not just from a business/investment point of view, but I have personally witnessed the wonders hypnosis do to children. My nieces, who stay with me, wants me to hypnotise them every nite! One has since stop bed wetting, and another has great improvements in behavior. Hypnosis with children is unbelievably easy!

    Moses Koh CH MBA CFA CPA

  4. hypnosisamerica July 27, 2006 at 8:18 PM

    Wow! What a great idea. It’s great when children are introduced to hypnosis and are able to garner its rewards.

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