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Save-100-early-enrollment.gifI hope that everyone has had the opportunity to check out the teleseminar that I did with Elson Eldridge of the NGH. Since then, I’ve received a couple of emails asking me if there was any way that they could get some kind of discount on the Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis Certification Course at the NGH Convention this year in August? Well, at first I thought, the convention is the NGH’s show and I am unable to directly set up any kind of discount for early registration for my course. BUT, then I thought that it would be really great if I could do something. Then, I got an idea!

I have set up a “Gift Certificate Special” for those who enroll this week in my Week of Power class at the NGH convention. I have instructed Chris, my Web guy, to set up a $100.00 gift certificate for anyone who registers for the course this week. That gift certificate can be used towards the purchase of any course or item we offer on the All you have to do is register for the course with payment in full, and give us a call. We will verify with the NGH that you have registered and then we will send you an email with directions on how to get your $100.00 gift certificate.

Once again I want to invite everyone to take a listen to the recording of the 5-PATH and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis teleseminar. Here is some of the feedback that I have received so far from the NGH automated online feedback system.

Elsom Eldridge – Cal Banyan 2006 Teleseminar “Advanced Hypnotherapy with 5-PATH™ and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®”
Listen to Cal Banyan on a live teleconference discussing 5-PATH™ and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.
This teleconference was provided by the NGH to allow Cal to discuss his upcoming course at the NGH Convention in 2006.
Here is a report of what some of the attendees to this teleseminar say that they learned from participating!Susan Fuchs
The most useful information I received tonight was hearing how important it is to get to the root emotion behind a behavior. The thing that meant a lot to me was the idea that there can be a place to bring your concerns and questions and get definitive answers and support. I’m new to this field and sincerely want to help people reach goals in their life that they are having trouble accomplishing on their own, especially to stop smoking. My original training was focused on smoking cessation and though it included direct and indirect suggestions, anchoring, parts therapy, and other features I have discovered over my short career it just isn’t enough for all clients. I feel as though I’ve had some of the most challenging clients with varied results and have not had many places to turn for help and answers. I quickly realized I needed to learn and understand more and have enrolled in classes and even begun an NLP class, but I still feel insecure about tackling anything outside of smoking secession. It was so nice to hear from people [Cal’s grads] that feel they have the necessary skills and confidence to address any issue that crosses their path. I would love to have that feeling. Thank you.

Read more feedback here.

Here is a link to more information about the advanced hypnotherapy training course at the NGH Convention the Week of Power; where you can learn more and register if you are interested.

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