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I Answer Questions from a Wronged Hypnotherapist, Doc Criticized and Client “Bailed”

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Answering-Questions.gifI thought I would pass this along to all of my visitors. I received an email from one of our “grads” today, lets caller her “Sandy.” After congratulating us on our move to California, Sandy went on to write that she was feeling a bit frustrated because she had started up a professional relationship with a physician who she had spoken with her about hypnosis. Sandy spent a significant period of time in her office educating him on the topic of hypnosis. She found him to be a “progressive thinking, spiritual person” who seemed to be impressed with her, hypnosis and the 5-PATH™ process she told him about. He was so impressed that he suggested that Sandy join him in his practice at a wellness oriented center he said that he was about to open.

She was so excited that I believe she made a mistake. She sent him home with a hypnosis training videotape which contained a session or two of age regression and forgiveness oriented Parts Therapy work. At first it seemed like just the right thing to do because in short order the doctor’s wife showed up wanting hypnosis sessions of that type, in this case 5-PATH™.

The work began, and it was hard emotional work and the doctor’s wife “bailed out” on Sandy after a couple of sessions. She said that she decided to stop coming for sessions because her husband thought that there was some “leading” done during the video that he watched, and doctor’s wife said that she felt that it was also the case of her session(s). And now, even though she has experienced some relief after the initial work, she has decided to discontinue her sessions, and begin working some other process called “Journeying.”

Sandy explained to her that as a certified hypnotherapist she was properly trained, and that she was well aware of what “leading” was, and that she was very careful not to lead her clients.

Sandy then went on to ask me what my take on this was and if such a thing had ever happened to me. She also stated that she found it “unsettling to have two professionals think that” the other hypnotherapist on the video and herself were leading when they were not, and how that might affect her reputation. Furthermore, after this she felt it was unlikely that the invitation to join the doctor in his wellness center could continue to be held out to her.

So with that said, I want to pass along my response to her. But before you read it, I want to let you know, as I did her, that with regard to hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, the “two professionals” are not hypnosis professionals, they were laypersons! They did not have sufficient training in hypnosis to make that kind of assessment and what I really believe is going on here is that the doctor’s wife became afraid. And, as a result, is using this assertion that Sandy led her during the session as an excuse to discontinue the sesssions. As Jerry Kein says, “Resistance is fear.” Amen, Jerry. You are so right.

One last note; I refer to “Delta 9” in my email response to her. This is because she is a 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher and it is meaningful to her. It is a concept that you learn and practice when one becomes a 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® practitioner.

Well, “with no further ado” as they say, here is my response…

Hello Sandy,

Thank you for your kind words about our “courage” for moving back to California. 🙂 We are very happy to be here. We know that this is the next step for us, so we look forward to all of the challenges and opportunities that we shall find ahead of us. “Delta 9” I always say.

Regarding your question; I think that you made a slight error in sending Jerry’s tape home with them to watch. I don’t think that it is advisable for lay people to see such things. They simply won’t understand and it will frighten them. That is what you are really up against, their fear.

I have no idea what “journeying” is. There is nothing you can really do for those who are afraid to do the work. Some will prefer to do 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, and will do fine if they have the discipline to sit down and do it every day. Sometimes the ones who quit come back after they become frustrated by not succeeding using whatever alternative process they decided to do. That is another problem, here. Usually we can give them The Talk, and ask “If not this then what? If not now, when?” Etc. But in this case she had a plan B, and decided to do that instead.

Has this kind of thing happened to me? Sure, if you see as many clients as I have, you have seen just about everything. You learn that you can’t do the work for them. The best you can do is learn the techniques, apply them, answer their questions when they have them, and stand your ground when you do what you believe to be the best for the client. She needs 5-PATH™, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® or some equivalent, and I can’t say if that will be “journeying” or not because I don’t know that that is. Wish her the best, and let her go, knowing what you did was right.

I know it is tough when an apparent opportunity like that comes up, and then because they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go through the process your hopes get dashed, but that is the way it goes sometimes. And, usually after it is all done, you look back with 20/20 hindsight and say that it was a good thing that it worked out that way. I say Delta 9, and move on.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give me a call. Our new number is 714-258-8380.

Keep up the Good Work,

I hope that “Sandy” will call me. Obviously there is more going on here that I would want to cover in an email message. But, what I want to stress here is that just because someone has and MD or PhD, or some other credential after their name, that does not make him or her a hypnosis professional. Do not begin to second guess your work simply because such professionals in other fields do not understand what you are doing. They are the laypersons. You are the hypnosis professional! If they are willing to take the time to learn, then there is an opportunity to teach, but if not, stand your ground in a gracious and professional way.

On the other hand, if you believe that the criticisms are based in fact, then you need to refine what you are doing and perhaps pursue additional hypnosis training or supervision. For example, one should not conduct age regressions sessions using hypnosis unless they have had sufficient advanced training. In Sandy’s case she had undergone such advanced training and if she was conducting her sessions as she was trained to do, then what she was doing was quite appropriate for the session or session which she conducted.

For more on this topic please see my previous blog entry, It is Time to Completely Reject the Label of “Lay Hypnotist”.

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