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Banyanism #2, “When something isn’t working that should be working…”

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Cal SmilingI just got off the telephone with a hypnotherapist who wanted help with a client. So while I have a good example, I am posting another Banyanism.

The hypnotherapist who called, went into a long explanation about the problems which he was having. The particular problem that he was having was that he could only keep one of his clients “in somnambulism for about 5 minutes and then she would fall asleep.”

Well, like I always say, “When something isn’t working that should be working, this usually means that something that should have been done before then was not done, either properly or completely,” (another Banyanism). So after listening to him for a while, I began to suspect that he was not properly testing for somnambulism, among other things.

Among other problems I suspected that he was having (i.e., not building sufficient trust, not doing a sufficient pre-talk, and using tests which are not valid tests for somnambulism) I believed that he was placing too much attention on how relaxed his client was physically, and as a result wound up spending too much time giving suggestions for physical relaxation. He also thought that “eyelock” was a test for somnambulism. It is not. It is a valid overt test for Hypnoidal, the lightest level of hypnosis identified in the Arons Depth Scale.

I suggested that he start doing instant inductions (i.e., B8WI), using one of the two covert tests for somnambulism (that I cover in my hypnosis training courses), doing a quick convincer such as eyelock, and then get on with his sessions. If he takes my advice, he will now be working with somnambulistic clients who don’t fall asleep on him. That should make him very happy, and make his clients more successful!

So there is the next Banyanism. If you keep it in mind you will be better able to troubleshoot your sessions when you have difficulty. For example, if you are attempting to conduct a hypnotic age regression session and your client is unable to revivify the session (meaning hallucinate experiencing the earlier event) then you have not successfully hypnotized and deepened your client to the level of somnambulism, the level needed to suggest revivification. As a further example, if you are unable to induce somnambulism, this usually means that the pre-talk is not done, and so on.

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