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Banyanism #1, “Hypnosis is a confidence game….”

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This is the beginning of something new. From time to time I am going to post a quick little something that is intended to help the working hypnotist or hypnotherapist. In my hypnosis training courses they are called Banyanisms. They are little bits of information that I “pound” into my students, that are very important to their success. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from them.

cal-smiling.jpgHere is the first Banyanism: “Hypnosis is a confidence game. If you don’t get their confidence there will be no game.”

By this I mean that one of the first things that a hypnotherapist needs to do when working with a new client to ensure maximum success is to get the client’s confidence running high. Her confidence needs to be high with regard to her decision to use hypnosis, that she can be hypnotized, and that you know what you are doing.

Here are 7 things you can do to make sure that you are gaining your client’s confidence:

1. Consistency of Presentation Don’t advertise your self and some huge institution when you have a simple but successful single person office. Be truthful in your advertising, and be who you are, and you clients will select you. This way when they meet you for the first time at your office they won’t feel like a great “bait and switch” has gone on, which would greatly lower her confidence in you.

2. Professional Presentation You might like to wear jeans and a T-shirt, but your clients will take you more seriously and be more successful if you dress in professional office attire. Research has shown that when doctors dress casually their patients are less likely to get and use the medications that they precribe. We want our clients to be compliant and professional dress can aid us in achieving this.

3. Excellent Pre-Talk Everyone that is of normal intelligence and willing to follow instructions can be hypnotized unless they fear hypnosis or have misconceptions of what it will be like. Give’m a good informative talk about what to expect before you begin the first session. Address common fears and misconceptions, and ask if they have any other concerns. If you have problems inducing a client, suspect that your pre-talk is not complete. I use a hypnosis pre-talk video to guarantee consistency and save time.

4. Excellent Pre-Hypnosis Interview Don’t go overboard and spend an hour talking to your clients about their problems before you begin the session. Just ask them for a “thumbnail sketch” of the problem so you can find when they first noticed the problem, what they have done about it in the past, and why they are seeking your services now. It is often useful to learn that they are motivated by some upcoming event.

5. Well Executed Induction Rehearse and learn your induction methods so that you can read them but not sound like you are reading them. Learn rapid and instant hypnotic inductions to get more done during your sessions.

6. Covert Testing and Convincing Once you have the client hypnotized, covertly test for hypnosis so that you know that she is hypnotized, and then do an overt test so that she knows that she is hypnotized. If you covertly test for a deep level of hypnosis like somnambulism, and then do an overt test for a light level of hypnosis, you can be confident that you client will pass the test and be convinced that she is in hypnosis. Everyone should do this!

7. Appropriate Work Durring the Session, i.e., DS, AR, etc. Once you have your client hypnotized make sure that the work that you do is directed at getting some results from the very first session. If you do Direct Suggestion (DS) work in your first session, make sure that the suggestions that you give your client is directly related to what the client came in to work on. If you do age regression work (AR) make sure that it is obvious to the client that the AR work is directly related to her issues.

If you do these seven things then you will gain your client’s confidence. Your sessions will go better, you clients will get better results, and you will get more referrals.

So remember, “Hypnosis is a confidence game” and strive first to get their confidence and you will do better in the hypnosis game, and that means more success for everyone.

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