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Mind over Medicine: Hypnosis as an alternative to sedation is making a comeback in the operating room.

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time magazine

In this Time article, the writer discusses how properly hypnotized patients can use hypnosis rather than chemically based anesthesia for surgery. This article states that in the last 15 years or so, there have been literally thousands of surgeries performed in this manner. The article goes on to talk about scientific explanations about why hypnosis works for controlling pain.

But then, they should have stopped because the article proceeds to err by stating that only 60% of patients are hypnotizable to some degree and that only 15% are highly hypnotizable. I’m not sure what criteria they are using to come up with the 15% number, there are many ways to measure the degree that an individual has become hypnotized. But I will say that the 60% number is way too low of an estimate, by “a long shot.” Properly trained hypnotists and hypnotherapists should be able to hypnotize anyone of normal intelligence, not mentally ill, and willing to follow instructions. This represents a much larger segment of the population that the paltry 60% quoted in the Time article.

By the way, if you would like to learn more about training so that you can provide hypnoanesthesia to your clients or patients, I highly recommend the articles, live courses and distance learning for hypnoanesthesia course by Ron Eslinger, who is probably the leading trainer of the use of hypnosis to managing pain.

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