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Self-Hypnosis Recommended for Supportive Care for Cancer Patients

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In this aricle, Getting information, supportive care is crucial during treatment for cancer, which came to my attention when it was posted on, an Arizona Newspaper website, I noticed that they list self-hypnosis as a recommended procedure for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. I love articles like this because it shows a couple of things: first, that if you are suffering from cancer that self-hypnosis can help you to handle the treatment better, and secondly, it makes me want to say, “Hey world, look, hypnosis and self-hypnosis is real and it is accepted by the medical establishment as a useful procedure!” Well there, I did it.

Any article that shows that hypnosis is being used in hospitals and other medical environments only helps to give more credibility to our beloved, art, science and profession. It is a short article, take a look and pass it on.

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