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New Hypnosis Glossary A – Z Project

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What is hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP, trance, PLR, AR, and 5-PATH(TM)?

I don’t know why, but I am kind of excited about this. We have started a new project on the Banyan Hypnosis Mall. Our writers, publishers and other contributors are letting us know what they think these and many other hypno-terms “really” mean. So next time you are shopping for a definition for some hypno-term or you want to find out what a particular technique or abreviation means, you can go to the “mall” and find out what the pros know at the Hypnosis Glossary A-Z!

Here is one of the most interesting aspects, from my point of view about the whole project; I think that you are going to find both agreement and disagreement about what some of the most commonly used terms in the profession mean. For example, I expect over time we will have a few different definitions of what “hypnosis” means, and so on. Each definition will have the date that it was accepted into the glossary, and who submitted it.

I think that attributing the definitions to each author will tell you quite abit about the writer. For example, you might like the way that one teacher defines hypnosis over how another teacher does, and that can have a profound effect on who you choose to train with.

The project is now in its infancy. Hopefully, over time it will become one of the best and most interesting places to go and learn about hypnosis!

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