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Attention 7th Path Teachers Around the World!

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I have a special announcement for all 7th Path Teachers. So many of you have heard about the power of the Ultimate Recognitions and have been asking me when I was going to teach them again. We have looked at our calendar for next year and have come up with two training dates.

In the US, the training will be conducted January 20th and 21st at our Center in Minneapolis. This is a Friday and Saturday.

In Singapore, the training will be conducted on March 31st and April 1st. That training is on a Friday and Saturday as well.

Here are the particulars:

1. To participate in this training you must be a 7th Path Teacher. Practitioners will not be able to participate.

2. Candidates for the course must have been practicing all 9 Recognitions in the Full Forms for the 14 days prior to the course. Of course more preparation is better.

3. The maximum number of students in this course is 12.

Let me say a few words about the Ultimate Recognitions. These forms of the Recognitions are much more powerful than the Short and Full Forms of the Recognitions. That is why the teacher or student who receives these forms must prepare by diligently practicing the Full Forms of all nine Recognitions. This is a time which is spent in preparing the vessel. During this process there will be a passing on of the 7th Path Energy!

Our Teachers who have received this 5th Degree of Ultimate Recognitions have reported wonderful results. This is because the Short and Full Forms have a profound effect on the practitioner, while the Ultimate Recognitions radiate out much further, beyond the effects of the shorter forms. Our previous graduates of this course have reported some of the following, improved business, improved motivation, improved intuition and creativity, and not to mention reports of profound leaps in spiritual consciousness. It will bring out the healer in you!

Once you have received this training, you will be able to teach your students these Ultimate Recognitions, as well as receiving all of the personal benefits that you will enjoy from practicing them.

The good news is that there is no exam. But, as always it will be a lot of work! And, as always it will be more than you expected.

Those of you who want to attend the course in the USA please contact us at our main office in Mounds View, MN at 763-785-3390.

Those of you who would like to attend the course in Singapore please call Linda for details and to register. Her telephone number is 9030 5097.

I look forward to doing these two classes very much. Contact us as soon as possible if you would like to participate in this important course because the number of students permitted in this class must be limited to 12.

With you on the Path!

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