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International Herald Tribune: How Hypnosis Is Gaining Respect

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Okay all non-believers, your skepticism has become completely uncalled for! Scientific evidence is piling up, and the verdict is in. If you don’t believe that there is such a thing as hypnosis, it is out of ignorance. Empirical research shows beyond any doubt that hypnosis is real and affects perception.

As I see articles come across my computer screen that includes real scientific research that proves hypnosis is real, I pass them along via this blog. I hope that you are enjoying them.

I want to encourage everyone to read this article, How Hypnosis is Gaining Respect. You will learn about how scientists are using modern technology to put together respectable hypotheses about how hypnosis really affects the brain.

Read about tests that show that hypnosis affects different processing centers of the brain, including how hypnotic suggestions can impede reading and affect color sense.

I just love this kind of stuff!

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