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Hypnotizing Christians, Moslems and Jews to Worship Together!?!

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Guess what I am going next week? I’m going to be in Singapore teaching a hypnotherapy certification course. And, one of the most important things I will do while I am there is to teach these new hypnotherapists 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.

“7th Path” is a very special mind-body-spirit approach to using hypnosis for self-improvement. The surprise is the highly spiritual aspect of this kind of hypnosis. What the 7th Path practitioner will experience is as a kind of hypnotically enhanced prayer or meditation which brings about self-improvement and self-healing in conjunction with his or her highest power of belief system.

This is one of my favorite things about teaching in Singapore, the population is so diverse. In any particular course that I teach there, we would have so many different ethnic backgrounds and faiths. Here is the most exciting thing… As these new hypnotherapists-to-be practice this very spiritual approach to self-healing and self-improvement, they are leaning to utilize their own faith, their own highest philosophies and beliefs in a peaceful loving way, along side others of quite different faiths.

Imagine the Jew, Moslem, Christian, Taoist, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindus and all other faithful practitioners sitting side by side in peaceful harmony practicing a holy prayer of meditative practice completely in harmony with their own faith! It is done, and will be done next week in Singapore, as it is now being practiced around the world. It took the power of hypnosis to make it so.

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Peace, Love and Light.
Happy Thanksgivings Day!

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