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We have moved to as of Today!

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We made it! We have moved my blog, thanks to Chris my webmaster. Thanks Chris.

Please take the time to look around the site. The thumbnails on the left side of this page are links to our other websites. I invite you to click on them and check them out.

You may have noticed that we are doing a major “revamp” of all of our sites, so that there is a sense of design continuity. That is why this design matches the design on

Our next project is to work on our hypnosis training site, That is going to be a rather large job! If you have ever visited that site you will know what I mean. It is one of the largest hypnosis related website on the Internet! Chris tells me that with all of the articles, movie reviews, books, CDs, DVDs, and general information about hypnosis it is going to take him weeks to get it all transfered over. Well, what do you expect? I have been working on that website for 9 years!

Please feel free to leave your comments! We appriciate your feedback.

Thanks for stopping by,
Cal Banyan

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