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Google is Where the Docs Go

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Google I just had to pass this along. On they stated, "A recent survey found that 61 percent of physicians, healthcare professionals, and healthcare consumers all believe Google to be the most reliable search engine for finding information about new drugs, medical conditions, and treatment options, the search advertising company writes, citing a 2002 AMA Search Engine Survey in its Healthcare metrics page."

Keep this in mind. Google is one of the most powerful influences in the computer world, and hence the flow of information for many of the influential decision makers. Even Microsoft is concerned about Google!

I’m not concerned about Google, I just want you folks out there to be aware that it is more than just a search engine, it is THE place where more and more intelligent and influential people are going to get their news and information.

Do you have a website? If you are a hypnotist, who would like to either have more clients or make more money seeing then you should. Think about this. When people are at work and they have a few minutes, a lot of those people who have computers on their desks, are sneaking in some Google time at their computers. And, if they are considering hypnosis, they will check Google to see if there is anyone in their area who can help them. In this case even a one page website can be very effective in getting you more clients.

Cal Banyan

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