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Certified Professional Marketing Consultant – UPDATE

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Certified Professional Marketing Consultant

Attention hypnotists and hypnotherapists, here is the training you have been looking for! I just got off of the telephone with Elsom Eldridge one of the trainers who are puting on the Certified Professional Marketing Consultant training at our center in Minneapolis, MN. He knows about my mission, to help more hypnotists and hypnotherapist to go full time. I’m happy to announce that I have arranged for any hypnotist or hypnotherapist who enrolls in his course to receive 50% off the regular tuition cost, if they tell him that he heard about it on the Banyan Blog, or on the website.

Learn more about this exceptional opportunity to build your hypnosis practice. Click on the link at the top of this blog entry to go to the website with all of the details.

Here are some comments by leading hypnotists and hypnotherapist who have been through the course.

“As a featured stage hypnotist and having appeared in 12 major films and on stage throughout the world, I am constantly on the lookout for anything that would enhance my career and business. WELL, I FOUND IT! I sincerely urge you to take this seminar as soon as possible if you want to “Lead the Field” and watch your business skyrocket to the stars.” -Jerry Valley, Professional Stage Hypnotist

“learned more about practical marketing just during the first day than ever before. This information and the training will change businesses nationwide!” -Jerry Kein, OmniHypnosis Center, Deland, FL

“In the past, I had spent hours, months and years and thousands of dollars I didn’t have… until I learned what I was doing wrong. You may never have this opportunity again. Take this class. Change your life. Don’t Wait.”-Thomas Nicoli, Hypnotherapist

Go for it! I’ll be there, I am taking the course as well. 🙂 Hey, I don’t want to miss out either.

Cal Banyan

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