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Hypnosis TrainingRight now I am in the middle of teaching our NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Course, and Ilove it. There is just so much to enjoy about teaching a new batch of students.

I love educating each new class and helping them let go of all of the common misconceptions about hypnosis: no, hypnosis is not sleep, hypnosis is not relaxation, and hypnosis is not mind control. Then, when we have cleared out these misconceptions I can begin to show them what hypnosis really is, a heightened state of suggestibility.

It is also great fun to demonstrate how to induce hypnosis, deepen hypnosis and test for the various levels of hypnosis. I especially like teaching instant inductions! It is a great way to overcome their misconceptions that hypnosis requires a long time to induce.

And, we practice, practice, practice! One of the most important things that an instructor needs to do is to drill his or her students through doing inductions, deepening techniques and so on, so that they can really learn the techniques, and then have them learn how to test for the different levels of hypnosis! This will lead to confidence, and this increased confidence will enable more graduates to actually do what they have learned in class. Getting graduates to actually go into the practice of hypnotism once they have graduated from a course is one of the great challenges each hypnotherapy instructor/trainer has and providing them with enough practice time during the course is one of the most important solutions.

7th Path Self-HypnosisAnother thing that I really enjoy about teaching this class is teaching the students 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®. As they learn the technique and different hypnotic suggestions, called "Recognitions" in the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis System®, they feel themselves rapidly transforming. What are they transforming? They are letting go of the old limiting programs from the past that have caused them to feel bad, limit their success, and disconnect from their wholeness. It is an up and down process with tears and joy, a letting go of old anger, fear, and sadness, being replaced by joy and gratitude. And, so many times we have seen so many healings, healings of the mind, body and spirit.

Conducting our training program is such a fulfilling experienced, I just love it. Each graduation is a commencement. And, from my point of view "commencement" means that it is not the end of a course, it is a beginning of a career!

Maybe I’ll see you in class. Give me a call if you want to know more about our certification course and a career in hypnosis. Our office number is 714-258-8380 or 800-965-3390.

Cal Banyan

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