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Compliance vs Suggestibility

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Have you ever thought about it? What is the difference between compliance and suggestibility?

I believe that as modern hypnotists and hypnotherapists we need working definitions for these terms. Doing so will make our profession stronger, and make it easier on our training and communication.

I want to offer a couple of simple definitions. Now before you read them, I want to stress that these may or may not be exactly what is found in the dictionary, and that doesn’t bother me one bit. Lay definitions are often different than the professional definitions of terms used by professionals in different fields.

So here goes:

1. Compliance: the willingness and ability to follow instructions given by a hypnotist.

2. Suggestibility occurs in varying levels, starting with the usual level of suggestiblity found in the non-hypnotized client. Suggestibility can be increased by hypnotizing the client, such that as the hypnosis deepens, the more profound effect the suggestions have a on how the client experiences reality. As the client becomes more suggesitible, greater hypnotic phenomenon can be exhibited ranging from simple eyelid catalepsy all the way up to hallucinations.

For more information about specific terms used in hypnosis go to my glossary page.

Bye for now,
Cal Banyan

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