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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Live Interviews Sponsored by

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HYPNOSIS INTERVIEWS THAT TEACH Most of you now know about our new and I am thrilled at the feedback we have been receiving about it already. You’ve got me thinking, “How can I make the mall even better?” I … Continue reading

Banyan Hypnosis E-Zine : Banyan Hypnosis Mall, The Good Stuff Hypnotists Want!

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The Banyan Hypnosis Mall E-Zine Grows! I’ve been busy recruiting some of the best names in the world of hypnosis to provide articles for our new Banyan Hypnosis Mall E-Zine. Our newest writers include Roy Hunter, Tom Nicoli and Dr. … Continue reading

Compliance vs Suggestibility

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Have you ever thought about it? What is the difference between compliance and suggestibility? I believe that as modern hypnotists and hypnotherapists we need working definitions for these terms. Doing so will make our profession stronger, and make it easier … Continue reading