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A Friendly Note to a Hypno-Doc

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Hello Everyone — Below is part of an email that I wrote to one of our grads who is an MD. He told me in his letter that he liked 5-PATH(TM) because it is so systematic, and that it lent itself well to research trials, and that he was in the process of setting up such trials with the Mayo Clinic. He also asked me about what kind of serious illness I suggest that he use in his research on how hypnosis can help with such illnesses.

The following paragraphs contain my response to him, “I’m very glad to hear that you are putting together a trial of hypnosis for end-stage diseases. That is really wonderful. And, I am especially happy to hear that you are going to work with Mayo, since they are just down the road from me.

“I love research and if there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. You asked if I were to study hypnosis for serious illness, what would I choose to treat based on results at our center. First I have to say that we don’t do much work with serious illness. Mostly we work with normal everyday people with normal everyday problems, though we have had positive results with a few such cases including cancer, kidney disease, IBS, and a few others, including psychosomatic illnesses.”

“That being said, I recommend that you focus on working with diseases that we know are negatively affected by stress. By that I mean, diseases that are known to get worse in stressful situations, or when the client is experiencing chronic stress.”

“The Parkhill/Kein/5-PATH(TM) approach to hypnosis involves going in and finding, and then neutralizing these emotionally stressful issues, which patients hold within themselves. This kind of approach to hypnosis in turn creates an environment within the patient which will optimize healing. I believe that this kind of hypnotherapy should be used to support the medical treatment of all serious illnesses.”

I thought that some of you would find that intersting, real evidence that hypnosis is being treated with more and more respect by the medical community.

Bye for now,
Cal Banyan

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