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Reporting from the 2005 NGH Convention #2

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Oooops! Because of a much busier schedule and a technical problem, I did not post each day as I wanted to. I apologize. Now lets see if I can catch up a bit!

Wow! A lot has happened at the NGH Convention since the last blog entry.

I was honored to be selected by the NGH to speak to their Certified Instructors, help them to be more successful. I talked about how important training hypnotherapists can be to a hypnosis center, and shared my Star Business Model with them.

At our Banyan Grads Annual Class Reunion and Awards Dinner. I was very happy to have the privilege to hand out some awards! Here is a list of the awards and the recipients.

5-PATH Leadership Award – Charlie Curtis for all the help he has provided to our graduates on our 5-PATH Email Group on Yahoo.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis Leadership Award – Beth Keil and Anne Shuman Urban for training more 7th Path Practitioners than any others.

Banyan Hypnosis Center Award of Appreciation – Cathy Olsen, for her longevity and commitment as a hypnotherapist at the Banyan Hypnosis Center.

Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor – Roberta Worm for training the most 5-PATH Hypnotherapists.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Dwight Damon, President of the National Guild of Hypnotists for doing so much to promote our profession and hypnosis.

I had a wonderful time congratulating all of the recipients and got all misty-eyed in the process!

Maureen, wife, gave a very well received talk on how to manage phone calls coming to the office, so that the callers can make appointments.

The first talk I gave at the convention was the Universal Script: The High Road to Success, which can be used to help clients with just about any problem that involved behavioral change of one kind or another, such as increasing, decreasing and illuminating a particular behavior. It was a wonderful way to share some extra tips on doing direct suggestion hypnosis, and meet a whole bunch of new friends.

Afterward, I returned to our booth where I got to answer tons of questions from a lot of hypnotherapists who wanted to learn advanced techniques!

All in all, Friday was a wonderful day. I was kind of surprised about the what this hotel’s restaurant thinks chili should taste like. I have never tasted a bowl of chili that had vinegar and black pepper as the main seasoning. Hmmm, it was strange, but not terrible.
Saturday was a easy day for me, just helping out at our booth, answering questions, signing some books, and explaining some techniques. I was especially please to receive all the positive feedback from those who visited the book and wanted to talk about our website and how helpful it has been for them over the years. It was my first chance to announce come upcoming changes to our site, which will be launched in about a month or so. In the mean time you might want to check out, and get a partial preview of what is coming up.

Sunday, was a “work day” for me be cause I got to give a three hour workshop, a kind of introduction to 5-PATH(TM). It was great fun giving this brief overview and answering questions about 5-PATH(TM). There was more buzz than ever at this convention about 5-PATH(TM), perhaps that was in part because the 5-PATHers have been officially announced as a new special interest group of the NGH.

Monday through Thursday, is the 5-PATH(TM) Certification Course. I am typing this up during a short break I have during the course while I play a video tape of one of the sessions I show in class, a Phase I session (5-PATH[TM] has 5 phases).

Well, I have to get back to work. I’ll write more later.

Cal Banyan

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