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Can Hypnosis Really Heal Cancer?

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Today I was writing an email to one of our graduates, who just happens to be a Urologist. We were talking about hypnosis and claims made by some hypnotherapists regarding success using hypnosis to “heal” chronic illness. I thought that I would share with you all what I wrote to him.

“When it comes to hypnosis and the prospect of healing serious chronic illness, I subscribe to the diathesis-stress hypothesis, in that I believe that when someone becomes ill with a serious life threatening illness, often there is some kind of physical predisposition to that particular illness or disease (it could be genetic or acquired during the lifetime of the client/patient through physical trauma, chemical exposure or other diseases), and then when stress is applied, especially chronic stress, then the system breaks down and health cannot be maintained. At this point, cancer or other serious illnesses can develop.

“Then through procedures such as 5-PATH(TM) or 7th Path Self-Hypnosis(TM) or any other process that goes in and reduces the internal stress that the client is carrying within him or herself, the body is then able to either heal itself, or make the best use of the medical interventions or procedure which are being applied to the illness.

“Simply put, I believe that when under stress, some people experience digestive problems, some have headaches, some have skin problems, some have immune problems, and so on. If you then use an appropriate procedure which will relieve the internal stress, i.e., repressed anger, fear, guilt and so on, then you enable the body to heal itself.

“I believe that hypnosis or hypnotherapy does not and cannot heal the body. Only God and your body can heal the body. But the proper use of hypnosis (and other techniques) can remove the stress so that the body can heal itself.

To read more about using hypnosis for medical issues visit our website.

Cal Banyan

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