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Learning about Hypnosis, Suggestibility & HypnoAnesthesia

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Hello Everyone!

Right now I am taking a break from class. I’m in the middle of teaching the Banyan Hypnosis Center NGH recognized Hypnotherapy Certification Course. I cover the essential NGH curriculum and then go a bit further and teach advanced techniques such as 5-PATH™ and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis™. I have to admit that teaching the class is just SO much work. I’m on my feet for hours on end, day after day, doing something that requires a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, and I love it! (Nope, I’m not complaining. I love my job.)
Most of the students in my class have never taken a course in hypnosis, but some have and are practicing hypnotherapists. I often have counselors, psychologists, nurses and physicians in the courses that I teach. What a mix! But it all makes for some really great chemistry, and sometimes a clash of opinions here and there. But it is always an adventure. And, everyone, including me, always learns a great deal. It is wonderful.

I think the thing that I like the best is the intensity of the whole thing. I have to get about 200 hours worth of information into their heads in just about 90 hours of class time. Fortunately, I can assign homework, and some of it can be accomplished even before they show up for class. For them, it is 10 days of eating, drinking and sleeping hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Everyone has a great time and is completely exhausted by the end of it all. It is a kind of immersion training that really works.

On the subject of training, let me share with you a couple things about hypnosis, hopefully clearing up some misconceptions:

1. Hypnosis is not sleep. Hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility. If you fall asleep when you are being hypnotized you will miss the whole thing and it won’t work.

2. We don’t go deeper into hypnosis, we become more suggestible. But, we are used to hear suggestions like “As I count down from 1 to 5 you will go deeper into hypnosis.” It just doesn’t work as well when you suggest, “As I count from 1 down to 5 you will become more suggestible,” so we keep on saying “deeper.” Practicality wins out here.

3. Suggestibility is different from gullibility. Gullibility implies that one is easily fooled. Suggestibility is the ability of an individual to accept suggestions at varying levels such that it either temporarily or permanently affects their perceptions of reality.

Suggestibility is a very interesting topic. So let me explain it a bit further. For example, the hypnotist suggesting that the client cannot open her eyes, a test for a very light state of hypnosis which is temporary. On the other hand, the suggestion that that an individual is now a non-smoker for the rest of her life, when done right can become permanent.

Let me see if I can make this clearer. In a deep state of hypnosis, it can be suggested that you feel no pain and as a result you can experience complete analgesia or anesthesia! The suggestion alters the perception of pain, such that there is no perceivable level of pain. This cannot be done with a gullible person. No matter how gullible someone is, you can tell him or her that they will not feel pain, but they will still feel it if you pinch or poke them. Big difference!

If you are interested in learning more about using hypnosis as the treatment of chronic pain click this link and learn from Ron Eslinger, and leader in the field.

Well, I have to get back to class. If you are interested in learning more about hypnosis or taking classes, stop by our website.

Well, that is my two cents worth!
Cal Banyan

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