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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Alien Abduction? Haven’t See It, but I Want to Believe

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I remember before I became a professional hypnotherapist I read a book about UFO abduction and learned that one of the “tools” that these investigators use to gather details about reported abduction experiences is hypnosis and hypnotic age regression. I … Continue reading

Can Hypnosis Really Heal Cancer?

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Today I was writing an email to one of our graduates, who just happens to be a Urologist. We were talking about hypnosis and claims made by some hypnotherapists regarding success using hypnosis to “heal” chronic illness. I thought that … Continue reading

Learning about Hypnosis, Suggestibility & HypnoAnesthesia

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Hello Everyone! Right now I am taking a break from class. I’m in the middle of teaching the Banyan Hypnosis Center NGH recognized Hypnotherapy Certification Course. I cover the essential NGH curriculum and then go a bit further and teach … Continue reading