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Can hypnosis get you arrested? It sure can if you are a bad guy and the cops use a Forensic Hypnotist to learn more about the clues to a crime.

Yep, hypnosis is a well kept secret in some police departments across the country, and other law enforcement agencies aren’t allowed to use it at all. It all depends on the laws of the state in which the crime is going to be taken to court.

So use caution before you run off to your local hypnotist or hypnotherapist to try and recover some “lost memories” about a crime from your past, check with the laws in your state. In some states, if hypnosis was used to “enhance memory” then you can no longer testify in court!

Learn more about how hypnosis is used in Washington, D.C. to catch the bad guys by clicking on the link above.

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Cal Banyan

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