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This is a very nice article about how the “medical establishment” is catching on to the mind-body connection and how hypnosis can be used to help in healing. Yep, I said “healing.” Some Hypnotherapists, who are “In the know” have known that for some time.”

To put it simply, hypnosis doesn’t really heal anything. What hypnotherapy does, when it is used properly, (hypnosis used as a therapeutic intervention, in which the hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to remove internal stress at the causal level), it allows the body to use it’s own energy for healing rather than for creating the emotion (i.e., fear and anger) that we experience as stress. Hypnotherapy also enables us to rid our selves of the constant energy expenditure that we use to “clamp down” on the emotion so that we don’t have to deal with it.

Basically these internal painful emotional states that are still within us, which were caused by certain events in our past, are trying to be expressed. We can think of emotions as pure energy, energy that wants to motivate us to do something, usually to resolve the emotional issue. When the issue is left unresolved, forgotten or repressed, it lies in state as a constant form of stress. Then an equal or greater amount of our own energy is needed to press that energy back down, so that it doesn’t come up and “interfere” with our daily lives.

For example if a number of issues in our lives have caused us sadness, then unless that sadness has been sufficiently dealt with, then it is still inside us, and we will cry very easily, or feel sad for reasons that have nothing to do with what is going on in our lives in the present. So we must constantly push that sadness down and try to control it. Certainly don’t want to cry while we are at work or times when it would be embarassing. So we push those feelings down, both the sadness which wants to be expressed and our constant pushing of the sadness down causes stress and all of that takes up a lot of energy.

Once that stress, or sadness in our example has been neutralized, then all of that energy can be used for healing of our bodies or for fighting some kind of disease.

I look forward to the day when well trained and competent hypnotherapists are working at every hospital and clinic around the world. It really will be a great leap forward in medicine.

Cal Banyan

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