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Stress: A New Silent Killer?

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“It might not be visible, but chronic emotional burdens can make your cells age prematurely. ….people under chronic stress tend to have weak immune systems and run an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease…” Time Magazine December 13, 2004

“The chronic stress that millions of people feel from simply trying to deal with the pressures of modern life can unleash a flood of hormones that are useful in the short term but subtly toxic if they persist…stress-reduction strategies that take pressure off the mind–meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises and such–can take the heat off the body as well…” Time Magazine January 20, 2003

“In the past 30 years (1953-1983), doctors and health officials have come to realize how heavy a toll stress is taking on the nation’s well-being…Leaders of industry have become alarmed by the huge cost of such symptoms in absenteeism, company medical expenses and lost productivity…” Time Magazine June 6, 1983

“The “stress-blind” personality cannot recognize his own stress limits.…To compensate for his anxiety, the stress-blind personality over-eats, smokes and drinks too much, commits himself so heavily that he has no time for exercise.” Time Magazine June 29, 1959

“Hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) is the No. 1 killer among diseases in the U.S. …supported by ten years of research: emotional stress is the main cause of arteriosclerosis…” Time Magazine April 16, 1956

“Anxiety is not a disease—but it is just as catching and as hard to cure…” Time Magazine November 28, 1949“…the American Psychiatric Association congregated in St. Louis to consider the [stress of mankind]…this has increased so rapidly during late years that more than half the nation’s hospital capacity is devoted to [its] care…” Time Magazine May 18, 1936

Some of these articles were written as far back as 70 years! Stress isn’t a new silent killer. Rather, stress has been a part of man’s existence for centuries. For at least the 70 years as chronicled above, we have been trying to find ways to reduce our stress by this pill or that pill for far too long. The pharmaceutical companies keep producing the new and better pill that will solve all of our stress problems. But, what do the pills really do for us? They mask the underlying cause of the stress and do nothing to reduce or eliminate the cause of the stress, which in turn assures the pharmaceutical company that we will stay on the drug.

But, does it have to be that way? Do we need to make sure we don’t forget to take our pill(s) every day? Will the stress go away if I keep taking the pill?

No, the stress just gets bigger. In fact, you don’t need to be told you are plagued with stress and stress-related issues. You know it! But, you want a simple solution that is efficient, doable and doesn’t require taking a pill. Does that exist?

Yes, it does and the answer is Hypnosis. Hypnosis is the natural, proven, simple and efficient solution. Hypnosis empowers you to reduce or eliminate stress using the natural resources within yourself, enabling you to manage both a personal and professional life being calm, relaxed, focused and in control.

The answer is as simple as 1-2-3.

First, identify the stress and name the feeling or emotion that you are experiencing. Be honest with yourself. Maybe you are experiencing the frustration of being overwhelmed. Will a pill make this go away? No!

Second, identify the cause of the feeling or emotion. Maybe you are overwhelmed because you are trying to do too many things effectively at the same time. Will a pill make the too many things go away? No!

Third, identify a satisfying response. If you are overwhelmed because you are trying to do too many things, then try organizing better or find a better time to do some of the things that you are doing or even eliminate them. There is no drug that will eliminate the stress. Yes, the drug can make it seem as if it has been “taken away” for the short time that you are taking the drug, but has it really been taken away? No, you have distracted from it by taking the pill. When the pill wears off, the feeling or emotion comes right back again.

Self-hypnosis used on a daily basis can reduce or eliminate the stress without having to take the pill. Clients may come into my office for a tobacco, weight, alcohol, gambling, etc. issue, but what I have always found to be true is that every issue regardless of its name is connected to stress in some nature. Every client that I see has stress included in the reason they are coming in to see me, whether they know it or not. Once they start using self-hypnosis on a daily basis, they are amazed at how calm, relaxed, focused and in control they are! Many of my clients, through the guidance of their physician, wean off the drugs they were taking for stress or anxiety.

Stress doesn’t have to be a silent killer among us any longer. We have the power within ourselves to naturally and safely de-stress. If you are not already using hypnosis on a daily basis, then start using it! I recommend the self-hypnosis program that I use, 7th Path™ Self-Hypnosis. You can find a 7th Path Practitioner in your area by visiting

Roberta J. Worm, CDA, CH, CI

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