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On the Radio and Confronted by the Myths of Hypnosis while “Off the Air”

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Pat MilesToday was my day to be on the Pat Miles Show. It is always such a joy to be on her show. What I like best is answering the callers’ questions. I think that the fastest hours that I have ever experienced have been the hour segments that I have done on her show. Thank you Pat for having me!

Cal Banyan & Pat Miles on WCCO Radio 830 AM

But that is not exactly what this entry is about. I have to admit that I am still a bit surprised when intelligent people talk about hypnosis in such uniformed ways. This probably comes from hanging around with hypnotists.

Let me tell you what I mean, and how it happened. In addition to Pat Miles and myself, there were two other guests on the show. On Mondays she is joined by two others who chat along with the guest. They are John and Mike. These two guys were both great fun, but in between segments, while the ads were running, I had the chance to chat with these two guys. I was surprised at their comments and questions about hypnosis. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have been, but I just have to admit…

I think it was John, who told me that he had used a guided visualization process to help him prepare for a sporting event. He went on to say that he knows that it wasn’t real hypnosis because he never felt like he "lost control" or "went unconscious"! Hmmm, I suppose you have to blame Hollywood. Unfortunately, that is where most people "learn" about hypnosis, and most of that "information" just isn’t true.

So let me set the record straight, just in case you didn’t know, hypnosis is best understood as being a state of heightened suggestibility. That is it. It is not sleep. It is not like being unconscious. You never lose control. What does hypnosis feel like? Hypnosis doesn’t really have a "feeling" to it. If the hypnotist suggests to you that you are feeling relaxed and you go into hypnosis then you will feel relaxed, but relaxation is not required for hypnosis. If you are in hypnosis and the hypnotist suggests that your body feels stiff and rigid "like a bar of steel" then your body won’t feel relaxed at all, but rather it will feel stiff and rigid.

In fact people can do just about anything in hypnosis that they do in the regular state of consciousness. They can walk, talk, cry, yell, hit, fall asleep and even lie. (Nope, hypnosis isn’t a truth serum either.)

For more information about what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are I suggest that you check out the following pages on our website:

Just doing my part to help educate the masses,
Cal Banyan

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