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Article: The Eight Word Hypnotic Induction

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Thanks for visiting our blog! From time to time I will introduce an article that is really too long for the blog format. I’ll give you the first few paragraphs and then if you like the topic/article you can follow the link and read the whole article.

This first article will be of interest to almost anyone who is interested in hypnosis. It will cover how to do the Eight Word Hypnotic Induction. If you choose to follow the link to the whole article you will find graphics which illustrate each part. I hope you will enjoy this article and if you have any comments please email me at,

The Eight Word Hypnotic Induction
Calvin D. Banyan, MA, BCH, CI

The first time I ever saw an instant induction performed, I was watching a stage hypnotist on television. I simply didn’t believe it. I thought the woman who went instantly limp and presumably hypnotized was just playing along or worse, a shill.

Then next time I saw an instant induction performed was when Gerald F. Kein demonstrated one to our class while I was going through his NGH Certification course. Then I became a believer. I knew it could be done—at least by a master like Mr. Kein with his 25 years of experience (at the time). But, I doubted that I could do them. Now I know any student of hypnosis can master this important technique and we teach it in our NGH Hypnotherapy Certification and Advanced Hypnotherapy courses.

That was back when I was first getting started in hypnosis. I began my career as a Hypnotherapist by mastering a Dave Elman rapid induction, which took two to four minutes to induce somnambulism. But, as my practice grew, I wanted to shorten the induction time, which rekindled my interest in instant inductions.

I began reviewing my training on instant inductions from class and viewed the videotape, Instant And Rapid Inductions In A Professional Practice, produced by Gerald F. Kein. I wrote down everything verbatim. I first practiced the physical aspects of the induction on imaginary clients (a pillow sitting on my recliner in my office). I was not yet ready to attempt one on a living breathing client. This imaginary practice was important because timing is so essential in the kind of instant inductions that I use.

I highly suggest that before you begin using instant inductions that you take the time to learn exactly what to say, because you cannot read a script while performing this induction. Also, you should take the time to practice the physical parts of the induction, such as dropping the client’s hand at precisely the right time.

Once I knew that I could perform the procedure as I had seen it done in class and on videotape, I recruited friends and family members to practice on. It did not take long for me to build my confidence, until I was ready to bring those instant inductions into work with me.

Deciding to be very cautious at first, I decided to begin my professional use of instant inductions by stacking the deck a little in my favor. Here is how I did that. In the beginning, I… (Now click the title of this article to continue reading, The Eight Word Hypnotic Induction.)

This article has an additional RealAudio file, in which the author briefly demonstrates the induction and discusses its use and appropriate cautions. Click here for the streaming audio (approx. 5 min.).

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